Frenchie Friday! #FerociousFrenchies Contest

Happy Frenchie Friday! Today is the last day to enter for your chance to win some cool new items from our  PAW-FECT PACKAGE – JURASSIC SET!
Here are some of our favorite entries for the contest thus far:
 #ferociousfrenchies CONTEST!!!
In honor of #JurassicWorld movie premiering this Friday, we are giving away some items from our new JURASSIC set!
1. Follow @frenchie_bulldog
2. Post a photo -showing some Teeth!!
Must be a NEW post!
3. Include the caption This is my  #ferociousfrenchies entry for @frenchie_bulldog ‘s JURASSIC Contest!

1st place: Frenchie Reversible Harness in JURASSIC, Frenchie ID Tag, Dinosaur @nylabone chew toy- (this will be your frenchies new favorite thing), and a 20% off code for your next order!

2nd place: Frenchie Comfort Leash in JURASSIC, Frenchie ID Tag, Dinosaur @nylabone chew toy, and a 15% off code for your next order!

3rd place: Frenchie ID Tag, Dinosaur @nylabone chew toy, and a 10% off code for your next order!

Contest ends this Friday June 12!

Frenchie Friday!

Happy Frenchie Friday! We are celebrating the weekend with our weekly blog post, featuring YOU – our #friendchies on Instagram that tagged us @frenchie_bulldog and #frenchiepetsupply  in their awesome photos, wearing their Frenchie Bulldog Harnesses!

Frenchie Wednesdays!

For those of you living in Northern California and haven’t heard about Frenchie Wednesdays- this is a MUST DO!
One of our Friendchies, @vincenzopepito and his mom Sherrie started getting together with their buddies at this awesome dog park in Mountain View and the word has spread!
Be sure to take your frenchie to Frenchie Wednesdays, meeting at Carmel The Village Apartments, Mountain View, CA. You both will be sure to make some lifelong friends!

Meatloaf’s Birthday Pawty!

We had such a great time this weekend at @meatloafthefrenchie’s Birthday party in San Francisco! Here’s a recap on the big event:
Meatloaf, looking handsome as always!
@olivefrenchie and @meatloafthefrenchie – Full on Pawty Mode!
A handsome duo- these guys are ready to Pawty!! @vincenzopepito (left) and Finnegan (right)
The Frenchie Booth!
Yep! Its !!!And there’s Meaty, sneaking up from the side!
Cake!!!!! This birthday cake looked so delicious, even the humans were tempted to sneak a taste!
The one is just adorable! Party hat and all!
Meatloaf the frenchie and his gorgeous mom! We know where he gets his great sense of style from!
Olive and Meatloaf, striking a pose! These two are photo-shoot professionals;)

Coachella 2015 Fashion Must Haves

Coachella 2015 Fashion Must Haves

Coachella 2015 Fashion Must Haves

Coachella 2015 Fashion Must Haves

Frenchie Friday Feb. 20, 2015

Happy Frenchie Friday!
We have some “Pawsome” photos to share! All submitted by frenchies everywhere!
@olivefrenchie and @mikaskunk
For your chance to be featured on our instagram @frenchie_bulldog or our Blog:
1. Follow us on instagram @frenchie_bulldog
2. Post on instagram (or email to  your photos in your Frenchie Bulldog harness, collar, or leash
3. Tag your photos with @frenchie_bulldog AND #frenchiepetsupply
Thank you everyone for the great photos!
Until next time 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day Frenchies!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Our designated Instagram contest to celebrate Valentine’s Day is going on now!

To enter:
1. Follow us on instagram @frenchie_bulldog
2. Post your Valentine’s Day- themed photos
3.Tag a frenchie who you want to be your Valentine
4. Tag @frenchie_bulldog and #frenchievday
Winner will be announced Feb.15 to claim their very special #frenchiepetsupply Prize!

Here are some of the amazing entries we have received so far:


Franny the Frenchie

frenchie bulldog blog featuring franny the french bulldog , franny the frenchie book

We are so excited about today’s blog, because we are featuring one of our favorite #friendchies, the lovely Franny the Frenchie!


Franny the french bulldog is the star and lead character in a book all about her, “A Family for Franny”.  The story follows the fabulous life of Franny the french bulldog, her adventures, and he quest to find the true meaning of family. We were fortunate enough to interview this rising star. Read on….

1. What is your favorite part in the story about YOU?
“My favorite part in the story about ME is the part where I meet the various animals on my journey and attempt to fit in with them. We Frenchies are so often accused of looking and acting like other creatures (bunnies, pigs, frogs, “batpigs,” gremlins), it only seemed natural that I would face an identity crisis in the story. Plus, the experience helped me come to the realization of who I am and what really matters at the end of the story.” 
2. Will there be a sequel or series?
“My human (#FrannyMama) and the illustrator (the fabulous Talula Christian) have tossed around the idea of a sequel. I’d love to do it, it just depends on everything lining up just right. Stay tuned!”
3.When is your Birthday?
“May 25th, 2011.”
4.Where were you born/live?
“I was born outside of Birmingham, Alabama, and I live in Texas.”
5.What are your favorite activities?
“Eating macarons, reading classic literature, and going to ballet class of course! You can keep up with all of my activities by following me on Instagram @frannythefrenchie.” 
Franny and #FrannyMama
You can purchase a copy of your very own #FrannyBook here.