Meatloaf’s Birthday Pawty!

We had such a great time this weekend at @meatloafthefrenchie’s Birthday party in San Francisco! Here’s a recap on the big event:
Meatloaf, looking handsome as always!
@olivefrenchie and @meatloafthefrenchie – Full on Pawty Mode!
A handsome duo- these guys are ready to Pawty!! @vincenzopepito (left) and Finnegan (right)
The Frenchie Booth!
Yep! Its !!!And there’s Meaty, sneaking up from the side!
Cake!!!!! This birthday cake looked so delicious, even the humans were tempted to sneak a taste!
The one is just adorable! Party hat and all!
Meatloaf the frenchie and his gorgeous mom! We know where he gets his great sense of style from!
Olive and Meatloaf, striking a pose! These two are photo-shoot professionals;)

Happy Valentine’s Day Frenchies!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Our designated Instagram contest to celebrate Valentine’s Day is going on now!

To enter:
1. Follow us on instagram @frenchie_bulldog
2. Post your Valentine’s Day- themed photos
3.Tag a frenchie who you want to be your Valentine
4. Tag @frenchie_bulldog and #frenchievday
Winner will be announced Feb.15 to claim their very special #frenchiepetsupply Prize!

Here are some of the amazing entries we have received so far:


Festive Frenchies Contest – Week 1 Dec. 5, 2014

Thank you everyone, for participating in our #festivefrenchies contest! As promised we will announce one winner every Friday, up until Dec. 26. The winner will receive a Frenchie Bulldog Reversible Harness of their choice, as their prize.

Just a reminder, we teamed up with our Friendchie @olivefrenchie for a Secret Santa Surprise! On top of our weekly winner, @olivefrenchie Will be choosing at least 1 photo a day from the hashtag #festivefrenchies and direct message her choice a Secret Santa Discount Code: 25% off your order on the site +Free US shipping. Good for 2 uses: 1 for you and 1 as a holiday gift for one of your friendchies! (expires Dec. 31, 2014) So be sure to follow and tag your photos @frenchie_bulldog + #festivefrenchies

Here are some of our favorites from this week:

Frenchie Bulldog Festive Frenchies


Frenchie Bulldog Festive Frenchies Holiday Dog Contest


Frenchie Bulldog Festive Frenchies Holiday Dog Contest


Frenchie Bulldog Festive Frenchies Holiday Dog Contest


And the winner of this week’s Frenchie Bulldog Festive Frenchies Contest is…….


Frenchie Bulldog Festive Frenchies Holiday Dog Contest


DJ MAMA the French Bulldog with Skills

If you haven’t seen DJ Mama the French Bulldog yet, you’ve been missing out.  She has some serious skills on the wheels of steel.  She definitely got us bobbing our head.  Enjoy a few of the videos and follow her on Instagram–> @mamathefrenchie

Just a little warm up!

Definitely been putting in the hours at the beat lab for the encore performance!  Don’t forget to follow @mamathefrenchie and @frenchie_bulldog on Instagram!

Saturday at the Park

Olive (@olivefrenchie) , Napoleon and our Friendchie DeeDee had a chance to get together and test our new Reversible Harnesses!  A fun filled afternoon led to some great times and some good photos to give you a sneak peak at a few designs.


Off to the Races!


@olivefrenchie Catching some Rays.


Olive dropping the Hammer on Napoleon.


Napoleon Re-hydrating for Round 2.


Suns out Tongues out.


Dee Dee looking a little timid to join the Frenchie Wrestling Match, haha!


Maybe we can get Frosty Paws on the way home.

All and all it was a fun and productive day in the park.  Follow us on instagram and facebook for daily Frenchie pics, contests, and new products.  All of the photos in this blog are scaled to fit as background images for your computer, Enjoy!