Frenchie Friday!

Happy Frenchie Friday!!! We just loved all of your photo submissions on instagram this week!
Remember to tag #frenchiepetsupply and @frenchie_bulldog  in your photos in your Frenchie Bulldog Harnesses for a chance to be featured on our social media and possibly on our weekly  Frenchie Friday blog posts!
Here are some of our favorites:

Frenchie Friday!

Annnndddd it’s Frenchie Friday again! We are so excited to share with you our favorite photos from this week, submitted by YOU! There were so many to choose from this week. Thank you all so much for the beautiful photos. We love you!













Frenchie Friday Feb. 20, 2015

Happy Frenchie Friday!
We have some “Pawsome” photos to share! All submitted by frenchies everywhere!
@olivefrenchie and @mikaskunk
For your chance to be featured on our instagram @frenchie_bulldog or our Blog:
1. Follow us on instagram @frenchie_bulldog
2. Post on instagram (or email to  your photos in your Frenchie Bulldog harness, collar, or leash
3. Tag your photos with @frenchie_bulldog AND #frenchiepetsupply
Thank you everyone for the great photos!
Until next time 😉

Festive Frenchies Contest – Week 1 Dec. 5, 2014

Thank you everyone, for participating in our #festivefrenchies contest! As promised we will announce one winner every Friday, up until Dec. 26. The winner will receive a Frenchie Bulldog Reversible Harness of their choice, as their prize.

Just a reminder, we teamed up with our Friendchie @olivefrenchie for a Secret Santa Surprise! On top of our weekly winner, @olivefrenchie Will be choosing at least 1 photo a day from the hashtag #festivefrenchies and direct message her choice a Secret Santa Discount Code: 25% off your order on the site +Free US shipping. Good for 2 uses: 1 for you and 1 as a holiday gift for one of your friendchies! (expires Dec. 31, 2014) So be sure to follow and tag your photos @frenchie_bulldog + #festivefrenchies

Here are some of our favorites from this week:

Frenchie Bulldog Festive Frenchies


Frenchie Bulldog Festive Frenchies Holiday Dog Contest


Frenchie Bulldog Festive Frenchies Holiday Dog Contest


Frenchie Bulldog Festive Frenchies Holiday Dog Contest


And the winner of this week’s Frenchie Bulldog Festive Frenchies Contest is…….


Frenchie Bulldog Festive Frenchies Holiday Dog Contest


Frenchie Friday Nov. 21

It’s Frenchie Friday, French Bulldogs and Friendchies Rejoice!  Click a Friendchies Name to follow on Instagram.

French_Bulldog_Frenchie_Friday_Movember_21-1  French_Bulldog_Frenchie_Friday_Movember_21-2

@chloe_theminifrenchie                             @mrpetermaninc

French_Bulldog_Frenchie_Friday_Movember_21-3  French_Bulldog_Frenchie_Friday_Movember_21-4

@olivefrenchie                                    @nalathefrenchie

French_Bulldog_Frenchie_Friday_Movember_21-5  French_Bulldog_Frenchie_Friday_Movember_21-6

@meatloafthefrenchie                           @dimithefrenchie

French_Bulldog_Frenchie_Friday_Movember_21-7  French_Bulldog_Frenchie_Friday_Movember_21-8

@rykersworld                                      @percy_ismyname

French_Bulldog_Frenchie_Friday_Movember_21-9  French_Bulldog_Frenchie_Friday_Movember_21-10

@pierrebrando                                    @dale_the_frenchie

French_Bulldog_Frenchie_Friday_Movember_21-11  French_Bulldog_Frenchie_Friday_Movember_21-12

@mrtzldg                                           @ninjathefrenchie

French_Bulldog_Frenchie_Friday_Movember_21-13  French_Bulldog_Frenchie_Friday_Movember_21-14

@silthebaldi                                       @sirwinstonburkhill

Thanks for all the tags this week looking forward to another Frenchie Friday!